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Cargo Handling Battalion 6
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Navy Cargo Handling Battalion
A mobile logistic support unit capable of worldwide deployment in its entirety or in specialized
detachments. It is organized, trained, and equipped to:

  a.   Load and offload Navy and Marine Corps cargo carried in maritime pre-positioning ships
        and merchant breakbulk or container ships in all environments.

  b.   Operate an associated temporary ocean cargo terminal.

  c.   Load and offload Navy and Marine Corps cargo carried in military-controlled aircraft.

  d.   operate an associated expeditionary air cargo terminal.

The two sources of Navy cargo handling battalions are:

  a.   Navy cargo handling and port group - The active duty, cargo handling, battalion-sized
        unit composed solely of active duty personnel. Also called NAVCHAPGRU.

  b.   Naval Reserve cargo handling battalion - A reserve cargo handling battalion composed
        solely of selected reserve personnel. Also called NRCHB.